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M.A.D. MILDE was founded more than 30 years ago, in 1975, and has been operating in the energy sector (power plants – nuclear power plants), water industry, mechanical engineering, chemistry, paper industry, oil and gas industry, pipeline construction etc. ever since.

When he founded M.A.D. MILDE, engineer Klemens Milde had already worked as a general manager in the manufacturing of propulsion and transmission systems, as well as high pressure faucets, for many years. He had already developed several new propulsion and transmission systems and protected his work by applying for patents and utility models.

In 1963 he co-founded and contributed considerably to the German standard specification DIN-3210 for actuators and transmission agents. He later joined the German delegation working on the new standard specifications DIN-ISO 5210, 5211 etc., creating the foundation of his success in this field.